Compliance and Risk Officer

 A fintech start-up  company is looking for a Compliance and Risk Officer


  •  Ensures a company functions in a legal and ethical manner while meeting its business goals.  responsible for developing complianceprograms, reviewing company policies, and advising management on possible risks.
  • Design and update compliance policies including KYC and AML documents while staying abreast of legal requirements
  • Working closely with the Finance team to build and enforce internal controls in the company.
  • Review and challenge current processes related to financial reporting to foster higher efficiency within all business units and departments.
  • Evaluate and recommend improvements to the company’s information systems control environment, risk management process and IT operations
  • Coordinate with external advisors to gain efficiencies in the overall program.
  • Periodically train all employees on key regulatory changes and updates while also refreshing key KYC and AML topics
  • Produce and submit monthly financial authority reports in accordance to latest guidelines
  • Review all contracts with third parties and provide feedback to CEO and or business development manager on perceived risks and avenues to reduce them.



minimum with 3 years’ experience in same role

Preferred a Law degree or combined with accounting

License: Lawyer and/or CPA

• Fluent  English

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